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Let’s build Interstate 73 - the largest investment in the history of Horry County to bring down traffic, reduce hurricane evacuation time and improve our quality of life!

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Completing I-73 would improve the quality of life for everyone in Horry County. We are the largest vacation destination on the East Coast without interstate access. Visitors are attracted here to enjoy all the amenities that make this place home – incredible beaches, friendly people and great weather all year round. Our roads and infrastructure have come under increased pressure as more and more people come to live, work and visit here.

After years of negotiation and planning, we are on the precipice of making the single largest investment in our quality of life, our safety and our economy: the construction of I-73. We need your help to make it a reality.

  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, Myrtle Beach was nearly made an island cut off by foot or car from the rest of South Carolina, save for a one-lane road in Conway. I-73 would provide a much-needed hurricane evacuation route that would reduce evacuation time up to six hours, make it easier to get rescue equipment to those who need it, and prevent the beach from being cut off from residents and emergency crews during crises. Quality of Life: Keeping our families safe and ensuring we have a safe route to and from our community during hurricanes.

  • We all know how hard it can be to get around during the summer. During the peak of tourist season, the Horry County population swells to more than 750,000 people, most of whom visit with family and their car. The completion of I-73 will reduce traffic on U.S. Hwy. 501 S.C. Hwy. 9 during all hours of the day, and especially during peak hours. Quality of Life: Getting traffic moving and not having to idle in traffic on local roads

  • The construction and maintenance of I-73 will help to revitalize our local economy. I-73 will attract over 23,000 new year-round jobs to South Carolina, and increase tax revenue (mostly paid by tourists) for local governments by over $40 million/year. That’s more money to spend on public safety, local roads, storm water and other services. Quality of Life: Creating more jobs and more opportunities for our kids and greater amenities to enjoy.

Construction of I-73 is a collaborative effort, led by the federal government with support of state and local partners.

  • January 2022: Marion County Council unanimously approves a resolution supporting I-73.

  • December 2021: Myrtle Beach City Council unanimously approves I-73 funding, contributing $4.2M annually for 30 years to the project.

  • December 2021: North Myrtle Beach City Council unanimously approved the contribution of $1.7M annually for 30 years to fund the construction and maintenance of I-73. The hospitality fee will be used to pay for the contribution.

  • November 2021: The Federal Infrastructure bill is signed into law by President Joe Biden which should provide additional funding for I-73.

  • October 2021: Gov. Henry McMaster announced his support for a plan to dedicate $300 million toward the building of I-73. The money will come from the state’s portion of the American Rescue Plan funds and the 2022 budget.

  • June, 2021: S.C. Sen. Lindsey Graham announced $15 million in federal funding for the construction of I-73.

Once completed, I-73 will connect S.C. 22 to Interstate 95 and beyond, connecting with Interstate 74 in North Carolina east of Charlotte. This route was permitted by the federal government in June 2017 and was recently upheld in federal court. I-73 will be utilized by guests visiting from North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and the mid-west, helping to alleviate traffic on local roads like U.S. Hwy. 501, S.C. Hwy. 544 and S.C. Hwy. 9.

Click here to see the proposed route

See additional research, routes and plans for I-73 here.

Help us make I-73 a Reality

The momentum is on our side. Local, state and federal officials are stepping up. Survey after survey shows more than 3 in 4 South Carolinians support the construction of I-73. Now, we need Horry County Council to help us get the job done.

Click here to call or email your county council representative and tell them – Horry County Council needs to step up and commit local hospitality fees - not local road fees or taxes - to fund the construction of I-73 in Horry County.

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