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What Are People Saying About I-73

What Elected Officials Are Saying...

At the National Level:

U.S. Congressman James E. Clyburn
Sixth District of South Carolina

“I am pleased the delegation is working together to build our important tourism industry and create economic development opportunities by making Myrtle Beach accessible via a major interstate. We will continue our efforts to make I-73 a reality.”

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham
South Carolina

“I-73 is a game-changer. It’s one of the largest economic development projects in South Carolina history, and it will make travel to some of our most popular tourist destinations safer and more efficient. I-73 is about jobs today and in the years to come. For the future prosperity of our state, we must take I-73 from the drawing board to reality. ”

Former U.S. Congressman Mick Mulvaney
Fifth District of South Carolina

“…if we spend the money on this road the returns will be considerable.”

U.S. Congressman Tim Scott
First District of South Carolina

“When thinking of the I-73 project there are three things that come to mind: jobs, jobs, jobs. It will provide construction jobs, support the integral tourist industry and create the infrastructure for jobs for years to come. Furthermore, it will finally provide the much-needed route away from the coast in case of a major storm. I fully support I-73!”

At the State Level:

S.C. State Representative Alan Clemmons
107th District of South Carolina
Chairman, Nat’l I-73/I-74/I-75 Corridor Assn.

"I-73 remains my top priority and I am thrilled with the progress we have made. I am very encouraged by the funding already received and optimistic about the funding we could receive in the near future. Thanks to the leadership of our South Carolina Congressional Delegation and the enthusiastic support of SCDOT, the State Infrastructure Bank and my peers in the South Carolina legislature, I believe we are poised to make even greater strides in the near future. I-73 will become a reality sooner, rather than later."

Former S.C. Governor Nikki Haley

"We are going to go find a permanent solution to how we can quickly get I-73 up and running."

S.C. State Senator Luke Rankin
33rd District of South Carolina

"I-73 is a no-brainer for South Carolina. More jobs, more tourists, more industry, and more efficient access to other markets. We need I-73 today."

What Local Officials Are Saying:

Rodney Berry
Mayor, City of Marion
Executive Director, Marion County Economic Development Commission

“When thinking of the I-73 project there are three things that come to mind: jobs, jobs, jobs. It will provide construction jobs, support the integral tourist industry and create the infrastructure for jobs for years to come. Furthermore, it will finally provide the much-needed route away from the coast in case of a major storm. I fully support I-73!”

Jeff McKay
Executive Director, NESA

“Our organization will continue to steadfastly work to secure funding for the I-73 interchange until we’ve made this vital project come to fruition.”

What Local Business Leaders Are Saying:

What Travelers Are Saying:

“We are new to going to Myrtle Beach, but it is very apparent that a major high-speed roadway is needed as a feeder into Myrtle Beach. It took us 2 hours to go 30-40 miles to get out of Myrtle Beach on our way home this weekend. 501 has way too many lights with 2 lanes with the amount of traffic that has to use it.”

M.M. – Winston-Salem, NC

“Traveling home from Myrtle Beach with LOTS of 4th of July traffic!!!!! Ridiculous!!!”

The V. Family – Heidrick, KY

“Interstate 73 is a must to have. It can help out with hurricane evaluations (major reason). Look at Myrtle Beach's US 501. Traffic there is very horrible. I drove on that road a few times and I wondered why Myrtle Beach does NOT have an interstate connection to start with? Who builds an expressway with at-grade intersections on the way to the major beach tourism? I don't care if people complain about I-73 destroying wetland. It is bound to happen with ALL road construction, not just I-73. Our Congress approved I-73 (and I-74 extension for a myriad of reasons). If they knew the interstates were going to lose money, they would NOT have approved it in 1990. I, for one, support I-73 because of economy reasons, as well as Myrtle Beach NEEDS an interstate connection (that means NO traffic lights along the way) to save time. Whether I-73 gets extended north to Ohio and points north is irrelevant. What needs to be done is build I-73 from Myrtle Beach to Virginia. So, build I-73 and be DONE with it. No need to waste time or money. Build it as a toll road or something like that, just get it done already.”

D.W. – Greensboro, NC

“When is construction going to begin on I73? Traffic on 501 is insane and being an hour and a half to the nearest interstate is just plain nuts.”

M.B. – Mechanicsville, MD

“I just saw the commercial for i73 on during the Olympic games. I LOVE this idea!! I travel back and forth from Ohio to South Carolina, and to Clemson, SC. The biggest pain is driving down 501. There is no good way to get out of Myrtle Beach quickly. It does pose issues when trying to plan travel time because 501 is so unpredictable. I would love to see an interstate built that would take travelers in and out of Myrtle Beach. I think it is much needed. I work in the hotel industry and I can say that many of our guests come from the states that this interstate would run through. Let me know what I can do to help!”

E. M. – Myrtle Beach, SC

“The Myrtle Beach area has been the only vacation destination of my family for twenty years. Over that time the traffic has grown worse and worse failed attempts to alleviate this traffic are abound- SC route 31, SC route 22, etc. This traffic makes it almost impossible for my family to do anything in downtown myrtle beach on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday! I made the mistake of trying to come in to the city by route 501 and will never make that mistake again. These cities, this state, and by extension, this country needs I-73.”

T. S. – Elkton, MD

“We need to get this completed for the good of the state for the good of business. It makes common sense to have an interstate highway. I can care less about a farm the road might have to go through or a town that get mad because it will lose a little business because of an interstate. We need this for industry and jobs. …Get it done so people from Ohio and Kentucky and West Virginia can get here and spend their money.”

R.R. – Myrtle Beach, SC

“We've been traveling to NMB for many years. We could easily go to the shore points in NJ and others up north, but prefer the SC beaches. However, traveling is getting increasingly difficult to the point where we are reconsidering our options. Whatever the reasons for a delay...put those aside and get it done. You need an efficient connection between 95 and the Grand Strand or your tourism will begin to drop off. Don't wait for the inevitable!! Get it done now. So make it a toll road if you must, but put some common sense into this and get it done.”

R.L. – Boyertown, PA

“Since I have family in NE South Carolina I visit frequently. This would cut down on the time it takes to make the trip. I can't believe that the Myrtle Beach area doesn't have an interstate connection. I would think the Governors of North Carolina and South Carolina would be pushing this highway construction.”

J.C. – Atwater, OH

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