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Benefits of I-73 / I-74 / I-75: Economic Impact

Economic Impact of I-73 in WV, VA & SC

Review of I-73 and Grand Strand Expressway Alternative Economic Studies

Proposed I-73 & SELL Corridors Hurricane Evacuation Analysis

I-73 Corridor Study (Final Report) Connecting Jackson, Michigan to Toledo, Ohio

I-73/I-74 Analysis: North Carolina

  • Analysis
    by Piedmont Triad Council of Governments

Economic Impact of I-73 Construction: South Carolina

Economic Impact of I-73: South Carolina

Economic Impact of I-73: Virginia

Economic Impact of I-73 on the City of Roanoke

  • Full Study
    by Economic Development Research Group

Economic Impact of I-73: West Virginia

Interstate 73 Has Tremendous Economic Potential

Without the world-class system of linked highways, life in America would be far different. The Dwight D. Eisenhower System of Internet Highways, which began in 1946, today encompasses over 46,000 miles of efficient high-speed roadways, and is perhaps the best economic development investment our nation has ever made.

"The world's largest public works project has reshaped the American landscape and our way of life."
- U.S. News & World Reports ~ July 7, 2003

Interstate highway construction brings many positive changes, including enhanced safety, reduced congestion and improved connectivity. While these benefits enrich the quality of life for local residents, the greatest benefit may be the economic impact that interstate highways bring. These benefits include:

  • Creating jobs before, during and after construction;
  • Attracting new industries;
  • Reducing the costs of conducting business between regions and states;
  • Increasing the efficiency of transporting people and freight;

"The Interstate System was heralded as the greatest public works project ever. That it was. And it did, as promised, lead to an America that is more mobile, less plagued by regional differences, and vastly wealthier than before. "
- Justin Fox ~ Fortune Magazine ~ January 26, 2004

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), investments in highway construction deliver nearly $6 of economic impact for every $1 invested. Every $1 Billion invested highway construction creates more than 42,000 jobs.

Detailed studies have been completed to specifically evaluate the impact of Interstate 73. These studies have been completed by Chmura Economics & Analytics

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